Escape the Ordinary

And here’s how to Escape the Ordinary… 

How do you feel about firsts?
This is my very first post. Blog post actualy.  Your Monday inbox will now open to quick bites and random thoughts to style up the week. Extra-ordinarily. 

Well, the weekend was everything holiday weekends are meant to be – a complete overindulgence – but now it’s Monday and back to the grind including a full embrace of the’ work hard, play hard’ mantra. Did someone mention Friday?

Just kidding…After too much sun and other stuff, I thought about my Alexa romper. Spoiler alert: I probably overstayed my welcome wearing it this weekend but let’s be honest … the Alexa holds a soft spot for me as it’s a House of Wallace first.  And oh was it complicated. I was simply trying to make a super cute one piece romper with skirt in front, shorts in back. And why? So you, me – and us – can have the perfect boat life romper. And why not? Because my pattern maker almost quit and it took 12 months too long to earn the ultimate fashion trophy, a SKU (translation: price tag). 

Took Alexa to the lake this weekend in 2 out of 3 colors and, yes, I own all 3, and I will probably own a fourth after next season’s color addition. Speaking of colors, what do y’all want to wear this in?  I’m leaning toward a pink. But let’s be real, I consider pink a neutral at this point.  Neutrals … We will save that for another post.

Absolutely love red, white & blue, but pink is a great start to the week.

Fashion is forever, the door to the store is open. 

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